He was born in the island of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean; and yes, he speaks Spanish. Attended high school and during the summer vacations he worked for his uncle in his construction company. As a gopher, he had his share of opening ditches, stacking concrete blocks for the mason crew; prepared, carried, and lifted mud unto the scaffolding. Yes, he had his share of “not so glamorous” jobs. Before entering the university, he was called to active duty and due to his construction experience, he was designated to become a Combat Engineer. Later he attended basic and advanced Officer

School, where he had the opportunity to train with electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. In college, he chose the field of “construction engineering technology” during the day; at night, he upped for HVAC trade at the vocational school to complete the ensemble. Years later he obtained the “Master Licenses” in all the skilled trades but in turn decided to become a “City Inspector”. As time pass, he persuaded the certificates from the International Code Council (ICC) in most of the major categories… including the revered “Building Official” classification. In 1995, he shifts direction and began performing the “Plans Examining” duties. In the last few years, he has become certified on the “Minimum Housing Standards” and trained for the “State and National Licenses” with purpose of opening my own business. Today he operates his own home inspection business and continue to add additional licenses and certificates. In closing, he knows that his college, military, and civilian job(s) experiences have prepared him well to do a great job. His motto… “Above all, integrity”.


Another side of Luis is his dedication to noble causes, so he became a Residential Property Condition Evaluator to assist those who insurance companies labeled “uninsurable” due to the location and/or condition of their residence. The program is run by the Texas Department of Insurance, you may call (512) 676-6750 for more details or click on the letter to the right and below if interested.

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